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St.Anthony Catholic High School



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Students Karina and Jacqueline draw with chalk, making a temporary masterpiece in the library.
55c263e5588a5Students Karina and Jacqueline draw with chalk, making a temporary masterpiece in the library.Angela V

Angela V

Students Karina and Jacqueline draw with chalk, making a temporary masterpiece in the library.

SACHS now has a makerspace. The makerspace program is for learning how to teach yourself new things. This includes: making, experimenting, designing, printing, circuit building, taking apart, rebuilding, recycling, playing, and more. SACHS Makerspace Services include activities that happen in the library, items to check out, and workshops. Library staff highly recommend attending a workshop to learn more about various activities, such as 3D Printing Workshops, Circuits Workshops, and other relevant workshops. SACHS Makerspace is open to St. Anthony students, teachers, and staff.



7:30 - 4:00

Please contact library staff to reserve time for your project or to find out library availability. David G-P, Librarian gallinpa@uiwtx.edu


Hour of Code 2017

Code Academy Learn to Code

Homework Excuse Generator Mozilla Thimble

Dank Meme Generator Mozilla Thimble Remix

Makequest Globaloria

Made with Code Projects Google's Made with Code

Emojify Google's Made with Code

GIF Made with Code Google's Made with Code



3D Printing Order Form


Order your 3D prints here: order form


Use in the Library

3D Printer

Model: Ultimaker 2

Filament: PLA

Colors (no multi-color):

Gold, Silver, Bronze, Black, Pearl White, Red, Royal Blue, Carolina Blue, Tranparent Blue, Hot Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green, Translucent, TrCarbon Fiber, Magnetic, Coffee

Special Filament Types: Coffee brownish, Magnetic dark gray, Carbon Fiber black, Flex black

Cost: $2.00 per 60 minutes (1 hour), plus material costs. $2.00 minimum.

(#ofminutes) + (filamentlength) = what you need to determine the cost.

Cura Slicer Program for the Ultimaker 2

3D Printer Job Cost Calculator

How to Calculate the Length of Filament


littleBits Kits

Various littleBits kits to build circuits, synths, data-sensing, and more.


Available to Check Out (coming soon)

littleBits Synth kit

littleBits Space kit

littleBits Home kit



3d Printing Workshop. Next workshop is scheduled for September 2016. Stay tuned for an exact date.

Contact SACHS Library to schedule a 3D Printing Workshop with your students. David G-P, Librarian gallinpa@uiwtx.edu



Thingiverse 3d Printing, Design, and Maker Repository

Youmagine 3d Printing, Design, and Maker Repository

MyMiniFactory 3d Printing, Design, and Maker Repository

Tinkercad CAD Software

Meshmixer CAD Software

Blender CAD Software

OpenSCAD CAD Software

123D Apps Family Design Software

Instructables Maker Projects


Supplies Wanted

We are always on the lookout for valuable supplies. Check out this list of things wanted (coming soon). If you want to donate please contact library staff. David G-P, Librarian gallinpa@uiwtx.edu