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St.Anthony Catholic High School



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Catholic Schools Week 2017

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As part of this year’s Catholic Schools Week, St. Anthony Catholic High School will be having its annual Community Service Day on Friday, February 3rd. While the first four days of Catholic Schools Week will be spent showing appreciation to those who make a Catholic education possible for our students, the final day of the week will be focused on service. The entire student body and faculty will participate in a city wide community service initiative that will span over four work sites. The school feels that is important to tie in the values that set apart Catholic Schools during this week of celebration and St. Anthony is excited to showcase the benefits of a Catholic education through its actions of city wide service.  

St. Anthony has always thrived to “be good servants of God’s various gifts of Grace” (Ephesians 4:10) and this annual service day allows the students of St. Anthony to see the impact that their service has on those in need in the San Antonio Community. This year St. Anthony students and faculty will be performing service at the San Antonio Food Bank, the Headwaters at the University of the Incarnate Word, SAMMinistries, and the Guadalupe Community Center. Students and faculty who are volunteering at the San Antonio Food Bank will be helping with the distributions of food to those in need in the community. At the Headwaters of the University of the Incarnate Word, Students and faculty will work on the preservation of the land around the originating source of the San Antonio River. For the students who are volunteering at SAMMinistries, their focus will be on making a difference for the homeless population of San Antonio. Lastly, the St. Anthony students and faculty who are at the Guadalupe Community Center will spend their day working with the Catholic Charities Organization to help aid the aging disabled populations in the city. Every year each grade level of students embarks on a different type of work to the city in an effort to make whole the Catholic vision of service to the students of the school.  St. Anthony Catholic High School feels that students become closer to their faith by performing selfless acts of charity, while becoming productive members of the community.

For over 100 years, St. Anthony Catholic High School has been a contributing member of the San Antonio community. Founded as a seminary, St. Anthony has always believed in molding its students into humble servants of God through the teachings of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate and the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word. Through the teachings of the Core Values of the school, St. Anthony aims to create successful, faith based leaders that will make a difference in our society. The Core Values of the school are Holistic Education, Honesty & Integrity, Community, Scholarship, and Service & Social Justice, and St. Anthony is proud to continue this over 10 year old tradition of helping the community of San Antonio through acts of service.