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St.Anthony Catholic High School



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FAQ—St. Anthony Residential Life Program

While trying to decide if our Madeleine Hall residential community is the right place for you, students have asked us questions that we thought we'd share with you so that this information might help you decide also. If there is still something about which you are unsure, please e-mail us at hshousing@uiwtx.edu.

Q: Will I have a roommate? How is my roommate chosen?

A: Yes. Before you begin your first year at Madeleine Hall, in the housing application you will complete a questionnaire and tell us about your ideal roommate. We then try to match you up with this ideal person. In subsequent years, you can request a specific person with whom to share a room. Note: Depending on available spaces once you become a senior you may be considered for a single room based on your overall academic performance and behavior.

Q: What is a typical day like after school?

A: It's really not too different from most day students. School finishes at 3pm. From 3:00-4:00pm students living in our Residential program have the opportunity follow-up with teachers after school for tutoring or can be involved in Clubs/Organizations. At 4pm, a shuttle bus will pick-up the residents to bring them to Madeleine Hall. From 4:15PM to 6:30 PM, you first check in with our Resident Assistant, and then you have some free time to do laundry, talk on the phone, watch television, get something to eat, practice your music, go to UIW to use our Wellness Center facility (work-out) or get dinner at the dinning services located at the dining facilities of the university campus. Afterwards, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, residents with A's (90-100) or B's (80-89) have earned the privilege to have unstructured study hours (these students have demonstrated the capacity to be successful academically on their own without supervision). Residents with grades below an 80 will go to our Learning Community Tutoring Program for additional assistance and structured study hall. From 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM, you can take a shower, watch television, hang out, talk on the phone, e-mail your friends or family, or do whatever appeals to you (at 9:30pm there is leader group chores will be conducted each night). It might be a little more structured; but basically, it's pretty much like home. 11:00pm we have lights out and everyone must be in their room quietly sleeping or finalizing any last minute items for the next day.

Q: Can I go home on the weekends?

A: Every resident can go home on the weekends as long as the person he/she is leaving with is on their approved “permission list.” If grades seem to be suffering from these overnights, it's possible that the privilege will be temporarily suspended.

Note: Once a month residents are required to stay in our residence hall and participate in the Community Program of the month where we plan fun, engaging activities for our community to come together and share memorable experiences as a whole.

Q: Do I have a curfew when I leave campus?

A: Just like home, you have curfews here too. They are pretty reasonable; and on the weekends, when they are more liberal, they vary according to grade level, and age of the resident. We abide by the Texas Juvenile Curfew Laws. If a student has a special situation, he/she may always discuss it with the Residence Life Coordinator to request an exception.

Q: What is there to do on the weekends?

A: There are a lot of activities from which to choose on the weekends. Learn more from the Residential Life Programs & Eventspage.

Q: What interaction is there between the girls and the boys' schools?

A: St. Anthony Catholic High School is a co-ed prepatory program. In the residence hall there are some opportunities to get together with the girls from Incarnate Word a high school who is part of our brainpower connection: programming events, more formal types of dances, athletic events, community service, Coffeehouse, as well as the co-curricular classes that Upper-class students can take at the University of the Incarnate Word. However, we have visitation hours and expectations everyone must abide by to live in a respectful, safe community.

Q: What about dating?

A: Again, this isn't that different from being at home. Your parents have to give their permission; and you have to follow and abide by the expectations set by the Residence Life Coordinators, telling them where you are going and when you plan to return. Curfews apply to dates, just like any other outing.

Q: Do the day students at school interact with the residents residing in Madeleine Hall?

A: All the students participate in classes, clubs, sports, and social activities without any distinction between day and residents from Madeleine Hall. Madeleine Hall residents can always have their friends from school be a part of their life in the residence hall by attending weekend activities, visiting overnight or any other opportunities for residents to get together with their friends from school.

Q: What are some of the advantages of living in St. Anthony Residential Life Program?
A: You will experience a residential setting that is an active, supportive, and exciting place to live and learn. Develop a network of life time friends, improves your academic overall performance, participate in social activities, and you have the opportunity to become independent in a structured environment that is assisting you to become a self-reliant, independent and well-rounded individual.