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St.Anthony Catholic High School



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Mission & Ministry

St. Anthony - A true faith community


* St. Anthony Catholic High School begins every morning in chapel

          * Monday: Exposition & Benediction

            * Tuesday: Campus Ministry Prayer Service

            * Wednesday: Grade Level Prayer Service

            * Thursday: Song Fest

            * Friday: Liturgy


* Each Student is required to complete a minimum of 25 hours of community service per year of attendance; students average double the minimum requirement

          * Last year we graduated 108 students. If all students completed only the 
                minimum requirement they would have a total of 10,800 hours. As a class, 
                the graduates of 2011 completed a total of just over 24,000 hours which 
                totals more than double their minimum requirement.


* Each student is placed on a 4-year Service Plan

          * The four year service plan was created to assist students with their 
            understanding of the purpose for their community service requirement.  Every 
            student must meet with the Director of Campus Ministry and discuss what 
            they are interested in doing for community service. The service activities they 
            are involved in should have a special meaning for them. For example, if a 
            student is interested in entering the medical field the DoCM will pair them up 
            with a hospital to gain useful experience.


* Community Service Day

            * In honor of our founding sisters and brothers, the Sisters of Charity of the 
              Incarnate Word and the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, St. 
              Anthony Catholic High School celebrates its Heritage during the 3rd week 
              of October. During our Community Service Day, the students of St. Anthony 
              assist different organizations around San Antonio. Last year on CSD our
              students, faculty, and staff completed 2,964 hours of community service and
              we hope to increase that number each year.


* Community Liturgy

          * Living a Christian lifestyle is not an easy commission and a supportive
            community is very important to have. During community liturgy, our school is
            united in faith as we pray for personal needs and for the needs of the
            community, strengthening each other along our journey. In the spirit of faith

            formation and in the tradition of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate

            St. Anthony Catholic High School will hold a community liturgy once a month

            throughout the academic year for two different grade levels each month.

            * After each community liturgy, it is the goal of St. Anthony Catholic High

            School to provide opportunity for fellowship among its community members.

            The grade level sponsors will coordinate efforts to provide an activity for the

            students after each liturgy and SACHS requests that the parents of the

            students organize a social to take place in conjunction with the student

            activity. Possible student activities include but are not limited to: sports

            tournaments (i.e. softball, basketball, soccer, etc.) and field day events (i.e.

            tug-of-war, relay races, obstacle courses, etc.), or fine arts activities such as a

            theatre production. 



* Student Retreats

          * Each student has the opportunity to attend at least one grade level retreat

            per year and has the option to attend the SALVE Retreat. A retreat is an

            opportunity for the students to acquire a deeper understanding of themselves

            their relationships with one another and with God. The SALVE Retreat was

            designed as a heritage retreat with a focus on the Missionary Oblates of

            Mary Immaculate and the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word. 


* Ministry Clubs

          * There are many opportunities for the SACHS students to get involved in 

                ministry. Some of the ministry clubs include:

            * Young Oblates: Feed the homeless, spend time with children at St

               PJ’s home, and take up collections of clothing items and hygienic

               products for the homeless

            * Pure Love Club: focuses on chastity and its importance

            * Mustard Seed Carriers: main ministry includes spending time at the

               Village at Incarnate Word Retirement Center assisting the elderly

            * Liturgical Choir: Sings for all liturgies and ministry events/activities

            * Apologetics: Learns to defend the Catholic Faith

            * Divine Mercy: Meets every Wednesday at the SACHS chapel to pray 

               the Chaplet of Divine Mercy